With Apple’s newly-branded Mobile Me not set to appear until July 11, it’s no great surprise to see it happen, but .Mac subscribers worldwide are complaining that the service isn’t working.

Apple’s .Mac website is inaccessible at this time, with the company posting a note to the effect that it is attempting to restore normal service. 

While .Mac email is downloadable to desktop mail applications, you can’t access it online, in addition to which subscribers with image galleries hosted on the service cannot now access those collections.

We’re pretty certain this is just a little house-keeping Apple’s involved with, likely upgrading servers and ensuring user data doesn’t get munched when Mobile Me launches, but we’ll keep an eye on the situation.

As expected this morning .Mac is coming back online, though no immediate changes are visible. Given it’s hosted on Xserves, it’s possible the sys admins were simply applying the Xserve firmware patch Apple issued last night.

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