New Microsoft Ad: Much Better!

I just watched Microsoft’s new advertisement, and it beat the old one big time. I love Seinfeld, and I actually enjoyed this ad a bunch more. The best line, when Gates asks Seinfeld why their living a normal life with a family: “You’re living in some kind of moonhouse hovering over Seatle like the mothership, I have so many cars, I get stuck in my own traffic! We need to connect with real people!”

I feel that this ad beats all of Apple’s recent Get A Mac ads in humor: in effectiveness, Apple’s ads win, because they are about selling computers, but I really enjoyed this, and thought it was a great, funny advertisement. I hope it gets talked positively about, so that we can see more ads like this.

You can view it in high quality on Microsoft’s website here.

For the record, I couldn’t stand the last ad. 

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