'I am a PC Ad' was staged

So this isn’t going to come as a big surprise, but "Lauren" (if that is her real name) didn’t really go into the Apple store…or Crispin Porter had a bunch of extras walking around during the filming. 

How do we know?  Notice at 0:13 when she walks into the store, there is a balding guy with jacket and striped shirt and camera walking by.  He is still walking by when she leaves the store filmed on the other camera.  That gave her less than a second in the store.  She said she walked in and looked around but how could this be?. 

We also know she is an actress so the rest isn’t a stretch.  What LA actress wants a hulking, cheap  17 inch HP Notebook over a small white MacBook?!

Not that you believed it before, right? 

Thanks to Fanboy for the find.

See stills below.


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