We were curious, now we’re convinced Apple has some big, big plans for Apple TV – the company this morning dumped the 40GB model of the product and slashed the cost of the 160GB version of its TV set-top box. (or it might just be component price drops)

The company has slashed prices on the product, too. The US Apple Store now offers the 160GB model at $229 – that’s $100 less than it cost yesterday, and follows Amazon’s move to slash prices on the product, as we reported last week.

This price discount follows hot on the heels of revelations the company’s new iTunes LP/Extras format supports the resolution output by the Apple TV so closely we’re becoming convinced at some future plan for the product.

The news also follows another recent revelation that new Apple TV SKUs were being reported among resellers – could the new SKU simply refer to Apple’s plan to cut the range down to one – cheaper – model?

Meanwhile, games industry chiefs seem moderately convinced Apple will extend its success in mobile gaming to a raft of differing products at some point, potentially including its touch sensitive tablet, which has been long-speculated at at this point.

Via: MacRumors

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