If you’ve been having problems with an AirPort Extreme-connected hard drive and Apple’s Time Machine feature, you’re not alone – turns out a lot of us have been afflicted by the bug.

What takes place: You connect your drive, set it up using AirPort Utility and begin to save those valuable Time Machine files for back-up, recovery and data protection. It all goes swimmingly, and then you install AirPort 7.4.2…and a few hours later, your drive stops working. You can’t even access them using the Finder until you reboot your AirPort Extreme. And then, it only lasts a few hours and you must reboot all over again. Annoying…

MacOSXHints has figured out a fix, of sorts, suggesting afflicted users revert to AirPort 7.4.1. To roll back to that version you must run AirPort Utility, click on the Summary tab (in Manual set-up) and click on the word, ‘version’, there you get to choose the software version to install, as MacOSXHints informs.

Handy hint, which also underlines the likelihood of a new version of AirPort soon(ish).

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