There’s been a lot of Tom-Tom chatter this morning, as the TomTom Car Kit for iPhone 3GS made its debut on the Apple Store overnight, being listed as available for pre-order…well, looks like you can put your credit cards right back into your pockets, because, erm, the product has been removed from sale on the Apple site. In the UK, the product is still listed as one of the Staff Picks when you visit the online Apple Store, but clicking on the link provided takes you to an error message saying the page is unknown.

TomTom Car Kit for iPhone 3GS was listed on the UK store as costing £99.95, with a note warning the device won’t ship for 2-3 weeks.

Sine those original reports, the product has disappeared and is now not available on the UK, French, or German sites. (Like the UK, the German site still lists the product among its Staff Picks, but the link is no longer active). The product never made a debut on the US Apple Store, lending us to believe the whole affair has been an iTunes Store listing “accident”.

However, if £99.95 (or €99.95) sounds a bit steep for what is really no more than a GPS positioning system, why not cut across to Amazon and take a look at the wide selection of alternative solutions listed there….

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