RIM has confirmed it will ship its BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac on October 2.

As we previously reported, the new software makes it easier to sync data between a Mac and a BlackBerry. It will sync contacts, calendar appointments, tasks and notes from Apple apps including iCal and Address Book.

The software will also let BlackBerry users add and remove applications from their device, schedule back-ups, encrypt back-up files and install software update.

In a move which Apple may act against, given its recent action to prevent Palm’s Pre in doing this, the BlackBerry software will let users sync their device with their iTunes library, though this presumably will only sync more recent iTunes purchases which lack DRM, and music copied from a CD.

Various other improvements in this release include support for syncing with multiple computers, and the capacity to choose where to store any required music or media files (on an SD card, on the phone’s internal memory, etc).

The free download will be made available on the blackberry.com/mac website from 1pm Eastern on October 2.

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