New York Times has another tablet piece today.  Nothing too insane but some nice little nuggies:

The tablet debate has been going on for quite some time within Apple, according to the Times‘ sources.  They had one running on a Power(hungry)PC in 2003.

“It couldn’t be built. The battery life wasn’t long enough, the graphics performance was not enough to do anything and the components themselves cost more than $500,” said Joshua A. Strickland, a former Apple engineer whose name is on several of the company’s patents for multitouch technology.

The best bit?  Jobs himself shelved it on multiple occasions, saying, in essence, what they were good for besides surfing the Web in the bathroom?

They go on to speculate that the tablet will be a big, glorified iPod with a 100,000 application App Store on day one.  Yada Yada.


Much more background from the Times here.

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