Remember last week when doubleTwist gave us that remade 1984 commercial with the promise that change was coming on October 6th?  Guess what?  It is October 6th and doubleTwist has a pretty interesting twist on the iTunes Music store.  They’ve built an interface of the Amazon Music Store complete with their five million high quality MP3 files.

doubleTwist users will now have the option of downloading music from both Amazon and iTunes.  doubleTwist allows access to your iTunes Music Library as well, and more importantly, it allows you to sync that music collection with all types of devices including including the Pre, BlackBerry, PSP, Android.

We’re thinking they monetize this by getting affiliate link cash in return from users buying through their interface.  Smart.  Amazon often gives 10% of the take.  DoubleTwist’s Music Store is currently available in the Mac version of the app, with the PC version coming soon. The store is currently US-only, but doubleTwist says that UK, German, and French versions are on the way.

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