Apple’s iPhone has won the accolade of ‘Dream Phone” in the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards in the UK, while on another matter China Unicom today confirmed itself to be in talks with a view to offering WiFi-enabled iPhone models in China.

Mobile Choice says of the iPhone 3GS, “No phone in the history of mobiles has demanded more headlines and column inches than the iPhone.” Perhaps that’s why readers voted for Apple’s product, while the mag’s editorial staff named LG its ‘Manufacturer of the Year’.

Apple’s smartphone’s closest competitors in this category (which made the shortlist) included nothing from RIM or Palm, they were:

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Nokia N97
Samsung i8910 HD
HTC Hero

Meanwhile, news emerged from China this morning that China Unicom is currently negotiating a deal with Apple under which the computer company would potentially manufacture iPhones that are compatible both with WiFi and the Chinese-made WAPI (wireless) standard.

China Unicom subsidiary manager, Yu Yingtao, confirmed the news, warning WiFi iPhones won’t be available until the end of the year. Bear in mind, local telecom law forbids iPhones using WiFi in China, suggesting this rule may be subject to change.

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