Engadget posts a link to iFixit’s MacBook teardown.  They get some information which is not in Apple’s specs.  Some of the highlights of the new Polycarbonate MacBook below:

  • The bottom (lower case) is actually aluminum with rubberized coating injection-molded onto one side
  • It has the same CPU and GPU as the base model MacBook Pro
  • Obviously, the MacBook is now made of plastic Unibody (we’d like to se ehow strong that really is) You obviously have a new rounded edge design.  Along with that goes a new "built-in" battery that has a lot more life (7 hours) than the previous models (5 hours).  This is done with only 23% more battery meaning there is a lot of energy efficiency in this thing.
  • Curiously, no SD card slot like the iMacs and MacBook Pros.  Also no IR port for a remote – the only shipping Mac without one.  Bluetooth+3rd party remotes or USB IR is available however.
  • MacBook loses the traditional MagSafe power adapter and gains a MacBook Air-like bent adapter.
  • The MacBook loses a Firewire port and combines the mic and audio out ports. It also loses Mini-DVI in favor of the Mini DisplayPort adapter
  • The MacBook gains a full sized multi-touch touchpad, similar to the Pro models except the glass is white instead of silver.
  • This new MacBook weighs in at 4.7 lbs. That’s .3 lbs less than the old plastic MacBook, but .2 lbs more than the 13" Unibody MacBook Pro.
  • It has a pretty amazing new heat sync (below) that spans the length of the computer.

Oh, an no more fake screws!

Much more at iFixit

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