Today is October 31, when many of us go horror crazy and you’re likely to find yourself sharing public transport seats with crazed zombies, random vampires and the occasional flesh-eating ghoul (if that’s unusual). Yep, it’s Halloween (Samhain), and we’ve been trawling the App Store for something that epitomises the season – and works on an iPhone.

Imagine our delight when we came across the really rather spiffing $1.99 app, Zombie Me, which you can use to transform pics of you or your friends into the kind of zombie effects-riven visage you rarely get outside of a make up department.

We like this app because it’s simple, cheap, offers a liberal dash of ‘oh so scary’ special effects, and should make for a new generation of funked-up, freaked-out, frightening horrow show zombie profile pics on Bebo, iChat, wherever.

Make scary eyes, highlight bloody mouths, add horrifying wounds and “lots of scary elements” to your pictures, the company says. You can save the images, email them, download them and more. And the developers promise new features ahead.

It’s all very ghoul. (sorry). Get the app right here.
Happy Halloween.

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