Another day, another Apple patent, this time seemingly bound for a future incarnation of the Apple TV.

The patent describes a, “Remote Control System that can Distinguish Stray Light Sources” – think a Wii remote with built-in  understanding of ambient light conditions.

The focus of the patent  centres on a new transmitter component that sits under a display or television in communications with the Apple TV console. The entire system could also be incorporated into a television itself, states the patent.

“In one embodiment of the present invention, console 30 can communicate with remote control using cable and/or one or more wireless communication protocols known in the art or otherwise. Console 30 also can communicate with transmitter using cable and/or one or more wireless communication protocols.”

The transmitter could be a separate component from Apple TV or integrated into a display, projector system or television.

Other patents granted to Apple include one that covers the iTune’s “Season Pass” feature and another covering the iPhone’s touch based slide unlocking-mechanism interface, Patently Apple informs.

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