People signing up for AppleCare for their iPad have noted that the protection plan is for only two years, unlike its Mac products which are three years.  Apple’s iPhone and iPod plans are two years so, as warranty items, Apple sees iPads more like iPhones and less like Macs.  Apple’s iPad AppleCare page could only be found by guessing the URL so it is probably being built out.  Applecare for iPad PDF legal agreement is here.

Also, some readers have noted that Apple isn’t able to sell AppleCare in Florida for iPads.  Other states may have similar issues as Apple has issued some customers the following generic email upon purchase of Applecare for iPad.  The below is from Florida resident:

AppleCare has had an on-again off-again relationship with Florida and its product coverage laws.  Some speculate that high insurance premiums related to frequent hurricanes have something to do with the issue.  Others think it has to do with nominal fees and paperwork and laws protecting seniors.

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