We’re hearing as well as MacRumors that Best Buy Apple “Store-within-a-Store” locations (about half the over 1000 total locals) will carry the iPad at launch.  The iPads won’t initially be at Best Buy Mobile or regular Best Buy stores but they’ll likely pick up the device at some point later, perhaps when 3G is rolled out.

 Reports curiously indicate that the demo units encompass four separate SKUs, while Apple is launching only three Wi-Fi iPad models on April 3rd. The identity of the fourth model to be demoed is unknown, although it is possible that stores may be receiving a Wi-Fi + 3G model, scheduled for launch in late April, for demo purposes.

Steve Jobs previously emailed a concerned Apple customer that the iPads would be available at Apple Stores and Best Buys at launch.  Said Jobs:

Initially at Apple Retail and online stores and Best Buy,”

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