Create Digital Music (via MacRumors) points out that the iPad camera connection kit might be able to allow USB-audio out, which would support some professional audio equipment.  Nice, if true.

More importantly to us, however, is whether the USB camera kit can power a Mifi over USB.  Mifis normally have about 4-6 hours of battery life and the iPad has 10 (and often more).  We’d love to be able to power our Mifis via the iPad for a few extra hours.  

(Update: it looks like the iPad will do 100mA out Which could operate the Mifi but not charge it.)

Figure if the iPad can add another four hours to the Mifi while only sapping 2 hours of iPad juice, we’re mobile for 8 hours total.  A full work day.  What say you, Camera connection kit? Can we have USB power?

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