Perhaps Apple can easily side-step the major labels while also giving them the kind of fractured competitive landscape music industry forces hope for in digital music. Perhaps it has already begun doing it — look at Pandora or Spotify for their all-you-can-eat music services, and, this morning, look at all-new Mac compatible streaming music/locker service, ZumoCast.

After all, to enable streaming music services Apple could simply add a link to them within the iTunes radio section, right?

ZumoCast is a new offering which allows you to stream music from your own Mac or PC to your iPhone. It is like MP3 Tunes because it offers access to your music, but unlike that service it doesn’t require you to upload your music.

As a Cnet report notes, the way ZumoCast works is pretty similar to the manner in which the Simplify Media service worked, before Google acquired it earlier this year.

You need to download free client software, and then install the free ZumoCast app for iOS devices which is available now. You go through some sign-up and authorization steps and ‘boom’ you’re connected. Though there are a few foilbles to the service, Cnet notes.

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