While you might think the Verizon iPhone’s biggest problems are its inferior data speeds, no talking while using data, or minimal international usability, we have discovered an even bigger issue, and its a true killer for consumers and business users alike. That’s the lack of being able to have a conference call with more than three people (including yourself), being able to switch between phone calls or to be able to hang up on just one person in a conference call. 9to5mac reader Eric F. worked with us on the above video that demonstrates the flaw in Verizon’s iPhone 4.

As business users in particular can imagine, not being able to have a conference call with more than two other people can be detrimental for an important deal you are trying to make over the phone, and can even be an issue for families who are trying to connect over their iPhones together. Another issue is the Verizon iPhone’s inability of handling call swapping. This means you cannot take one of your conference callers on private, like on the AT&T iPhone, and when you touch end call both calls will automatically hang up. Thanks, Eric F. and Julie!

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