LG OLEDs are a new level of thin

According to a job listing sent privately to employees of companies that specialize in display technologies Apple is looking to implement the OLED technology into future products. Apple has job listings to the same company before but solely focused on AMLCD displays. Notably an uptake of these job listings for AMLCD display engineers occured during mid-2008 when Apple surely was amidst development of the iPad and future iPhone products.

Now, Apple is looking for flat panel display engineers that specialize in the OLED technology. Apple says the people apart of this new display team will serve as a focal point in the designing and the process development of advanced display panels from the concept to the product ramp. Here are the specific specialties Apple is requesting from applicants:

  • TFT device development & optimization on glass or plastic substrate
  • TFT backplane process integration development for LCD or OLED displays, including LTPS backplanes
  • Thin film deposition process development and characterizations
  • Photolithography and etching process development, including coating, developing, etching, stripping
  • Color filter process development, including black matrix, color resin material, coating, developing and ITO sputtering
  • Panel design & layout experiences in TFT device, TFT LCD circuit and SPICE simulation
  • Organic EL material & process and associated optical, power & reliability characterizations
  • LCD cell process development, including alignment layer material, rubbing, LC fill, sealant
  • Active-matrix backplane design & optimization for LCD or OLED applications and associated circuitry simulations
  • LCD or OLED optical characterization and overall design optimization

Additionally, Apple says the candidates will need to have hands-on experience and proven track record in the relevant areas in flat panel industry, trouble shooting, and yield improvement. They will also lead engineering investigations on advanced technologies for future display applications and will need to achieve the best design goal using an optimized manufacturing process for a high volume production.

This is the first time 9to5mac or our source has witnessed an Apple job listing looking for OLED display engineers, so this is a good indication of what’s happening in Apple’s labs and what the future holds. Apple has also been said to be exploring enhancments to the current displays, with some pegging Super PLS displays from Samsung being included in future iPad revisions.

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