If this product works as advertised, I see huge potential.  The new $99 Kanex mLinq adapter (PDF) does something pretty simple and incredible.  It plugs into your Intel-based Mac’s USB port and outputs to HDMI at full 1920×1080 (1080P)  HD resolution…with sound.  The device is even powered by the USB port so there are no messy extra wires to contend with.  You will need to install some software first (provided) but if it works at a respectable frame rate, this product is a winner in our book.

The device will do smaller display resolutions as well.

For older Macs that don’t have the Audio built into the Mini Displayport/Thunderbolt port, this may be the best option for HDMI video out.  For newer Macs that have maxed out their display ports, another one is now available.

We’re working on getting a demo and hope to have a review up shortly.

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