The Apple online store was updated with some pretty minor tweaks this morning, but welcomed nonetheless. After hitting the “Buy Now” button on the iPad product page you’re now taken to a new and improved interface for selecting your color, model, and carrier preferences. As of right now, only the iPad ordering page for the US and UK stores seem to have received the update.

It also appears that the usual “Ships in 24 hours” is now displayed as “In Stock”. It’s possible that “In Stock” will now replace both “1-3 business days” and “24 hours”. Some products are still listed at 2-4 business days, however.

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In addition, the online store has received a number of minor currency-related price adjustments for Switzerland (and most of Europe) on pretty much Apple’s entire lineup of Macs and iOS devices, as well as a number of accessories. Full list of all price changes after the fold, courtesy of MacPrime.

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