In recent years, as newer iOS devices begin to shine, the older ones start to be left in the dust due to newer iOS features. Luckily, a new custom firmware called Whited00r brings some of these features to older devices such as the iPhone 2G/3G and older iPods. The firmware does not call for a jailbreak, but instead it is based off iOS 3.1.3 to bring you some of the latest features.

Whited00r added features like multitasking, app folders, reminders, improved home screen, video recording, and faster speed. What about iCloud? Whited00r used Dropbox syncing throughout the operating system to sync files with other devices. Whited00r also used a custom Newsstand to deliver news. (via TechCrunch)

The install process is very straightforward:

Download the Software Update for your device from the download page. Read carefully informations about package to choose the right one for you! You will find the whited00r Software Update (.ipsw) decompressing the zip folder (use 7-Zip on Windows or TheUnharchiver on MacOS). We suggest using Google Chrome or a download manager for the download.

Open iTunes on the screen about your device. Click on Restore holding ALT (MacOS) or SHIFT (Windows) at the same time and select the whited00r Software Update (.ipsw) from you computer.

And that’s how to keep your older iOS device looking like new! But seriously, isn’t it about time to upgrade?

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