Update: Like others before it, Apple is now pulling QuasiDisk from its global iTunes stores. But we’ve added another below the fold

It appears another tethering app snuck into the App Store.  QuasiDisk ($1.99) purports to be a file manager for the iPhone, but it appears that in the most recent update over the weekend, it stealthily got the ability to tether via proxy.  Apple is usually pretty quick to pull these, so you might want to jump on this app if you want some tethering without a carrier plan.

How to enable tethering: 1. Open up the iRandomizer Application 2. In the minimum text box, type in: 1984 3. In the maximum text box, type in: 31337 4. Voila! Welcome to the tethering screen. From here you can establish an ad-hoc wifi connection with your iPhone and share your internet connection! 5. Enjoy

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