In late January, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced to employees that a new major Mac and iPad discount program for employees would kickoff at some point in late June of this year. Keeping that promise, Apple, today, has started the new employee Mac and iPad discount program. Apple employees are able to purchase Macs with a $500 discount (excluding the Mac mini) and iPads with a $250 through Apple’s internal employee portal. These discounts come on top of the already-existing 25% discounts. (By the way, bad news for employees: Retina Display MacBook Pros apparently aren’t on the purchase list at this time)

As we reported in January, employees are able to take advantage of this offer every three years, and employees must be with the company for at least three months. Separately, as we previously reported, Apple has moved up scheduled retail raises from September to late June. Some store employees have already been rewarded their raises and we are hearing of raises up to 30% of current salaries. The general average seems to be between $2 and $4. This average changes depending on store performance and the performance of individuals within each stores.

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