Apple offers free services at the Apple Store including free technical support at the Genius Bar and free workshops in the store for you to get an introduction about how to learn the device. Previously, to sign up for one of these sessions you would go to Apple’s Retail page, to find the list of the stores and click on your store. Then you would choose the type of session you were looking for, the time and enter in your first name, last name and email address.

Now, Apple has changed that process and is requiring you to use your Apple ID to sign up for these services. This is critical as Apple is trying to emphasize the importance of knowing your account information. However, this could lead to unhappy customers who struggle with their Apple IDs.

Also, Apple has jumped the gun a bit and in their pictures of their products has placed iOS 7 as being supported at the Genius Bar. iOS 7 is not going to be supported (officially, anyway) in the Apple Store until it comes out on September 18th so keep that in mind GM users.

Picture of Apple's different products you can bring into the Apple Store. The iOS devices are shown with iOS 7 on it, days before it is to be available.


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