Cupertino City Council last night voted unanimously to approve Apple’s planning application for the circular campus building first presented to council members by Steve Jobs in 2011, in what was to turn out to be his last public appearance before his death. It was Steve Jobs who nicknamed the building the ‘spaceship.’

Although the approval is still subject to a final vote on 15th November, the San Jose Mercury News reports that this is merely a formality.

Now that the project has been approved, the council by regulation must meet one more time on Nov. 15 for a final and largely perfunctory vote. The spaceship, for all practical purposes, has now been approved for liftoff.

You can view a gallery of photos of a detailed model below the fold …


Apple hasn’t had an entirely smooth ride in reaching this point. There were objections from local residents on environmental and traffic grounds, prompting CFO Peter Oppenheimer to send out a brochure to local residents to alleviate concerns, and the project is reportedly $2B over-budget. The building is now expected to open in 2015 or 2016.

new model of the building unveiled a few days ago provides the most detailed look we’ve had yet at what the finished project will look like:

You can also watch Steve Jobs 2011 presentation below.

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