Update: Anki Drive is now available on the Apple Online Store for $199  annnnnd iFixit is tearing it down.

As we noted earlier this month, the Anki Drive iPhone-controlled cars demoed at WWDC this year will hit store shelves next week. The cars use a set of onboard sensors and AI software to steer themselves around the track and interact with one another while following behavioral paramaters set in the iOS app. The app also allows you to add upgrades to your car to change how it behaves and how other cars react to it.

The starter set will come with two cars and a track to race them on, and will cost $199. Additional cars will be available for $69 each. The app used to control the cars has been available in the iTunes Store for some time now, but has yet to be updated with the ability to actually use it with the cars. The whole lineup will be available in Apple Stores nationwide on October 23rd.

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