The Mint mobile app is rarely updated with new features, but it’s not like it has been abandoned — it receives maintenance updates every few months. Today, though, Mint has pushed version 2.7 to the App Store which does bring more than just bug fixes.

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The app’s design has been overhauled updated to harmonize with the iOS 7 motif and colour palette. The block color of the charts contrasts beautifully with the baby blue accents of the toolbar controls.

Unfortunately, the icon looks less than stellar on your home screen. It doesn’t do justice to the design of the app itself. The update also adds the ability to tweak pending transactions and brings Mint’s Trends feature to mobile for the first time. Trends plots relationships (such as spending over time) as easy-to-parse charts to portray a general overview of your spending habits.

The Mint app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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