A report by mobile enterprise specialist Good Technology shows that while iOS devices may be falling behind in overall market share, they are the devices of choice in the enterprise market.

iOS activations made up 73 percent of total device activations in Q4, up from 72 percent in Q3 and 69 percent in Q2 of 2013. Android activations decreased one percentage point quarter over quarter and came in at 26 percent of total device activations.

The report also broke the numbers down by smartphones and tablets … 



iPhone activations were 54 percent, with iPad at 19 percent. Taking just the tablet activations, Android looked almost irrelevant at just 8.6 percent.

Good’s numbers don’t give a completely accurate picture of the market as they exclude Blackberry, which is still present in significant numbers in the corporate sector, even though new activations will be very low, and Good’s customer base excludes those using Google Apps, and thus will tend to under-estimate Android usage.

The overall numbers, though, are broadly in line with those recently cited by Tim Cook, who described Apple’s success in the enterprise market as “unbelievable” and promised more to come.

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