According to cecb2b, TSMC is already in the midst of fingerprint sensor production for the next round of Apple devices. As rumored, the company is manufacturing fingerprint readers for the next iPhone, as well as the next-generation version of the iPad Air and iPad mini. Apparently, the company has already provided the first batch of sensors from its suppliers.

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The news has apparently leaked through Xintec, which is supposedly handing some elements of the production process. According to the report, production will continue to use 8-inch fabrication processes to create the chips. Reports from earlier in the year said that TSMC would move to a 12-inch process to increase efficiency and yields.

Touch ID first appeared on the iPhone 5s, in September last year. Some expected Touch ID to also appear on last year’s iPad Air and iPad mini. The consensus opinion seems to be that poor yields meant Apple had to prioritise the components for the iPhone last year. However, many reports indicate Apple will put Touch ID on the upcoming iPad revisions, expected in the fall of this year.

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