We’ve recently obtained two iPhone 6 mockups in Gold and Space Gray and have put together a video comparing them to Apple’s iPhone 5s, fifth generation iPod touch, and the alleged iPhone 6 cases we’ve previously covered. We’ve seen quite a bit of news surrounding these dummy devices, but most of the time, the photos aren’t the best and we’re left wanting more information and details.

There’s no way to tell if these mockups will match up with Apple’s official design for the iPhone 6, but they certainly do fall in line with previous rumors and leaks. As shown in the video below, these iPhone 6 dummy units are very similar in design to Apple’s fifth generation iPod touch, but obviously much larger to support the rumors of a 4.7-inch display.

Interestingly enough, the cases that we obtained from a different source fit the iPhone 6 dummy units perfectly. That’s some pretty tight quality control on third-party cases and mockups based on rumored schematics. These mockups are almost too thin to take seriously, but it wouldn’t be impossible for Apple to make this happen given the iPod touch’s design. As we’ve seen with other dummy units, the measurements here match up identically with the rumors.

Check out the video below for a detailed look at the Gold and Space Gray iPhone 6 dummy:

Keep in mind, there’s nothing functional about these dummy devices, but their size and design may give us insight on what is coming down the line later this year. These dummy units have been designed based on previously leaked schematics that are rumored to be directly from Apple along with 3D renderings.

Thanks to Sonny Dickson for helping us get a hold of these dummy units.

Gallery (click to enlarge):

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