Spotlight Search will gain some useful features in iOS 8 thanks to Spotlight Suggestions. Normally, I’d dismiss a something related to Spotlight Search, but after a bit of testing it seems that this new iOS 8 feature could be very handy.

Spotlight Suggestions will provide you with predictive search results that are pulled from the web. In order to use this feature, all you’ll need to do is pull down from the home screen to access Spotlight Search and begin typing. As you would expect, search results related to items on your iOS device appear, but that’s not where the fun ends…

Spotlight Suggestions will provide you with Wikipedia results, popular locations near you, movies in theaters (with ratings), music suggestions, App Store results, and more. Since these results are mainly web-based, this type of feature is almost limitless. Apple may be able to silently add new suggestions at any time or improve personalized Spotlight Suggestions the more you use it.

Of course we won’t know the full potential of Spotlight Suggestions until later this year when iOS 8 is released, but Apple definitely has a good thing going here. This is probably the one feature that would make Spotlight Search a useful for myself.

Check out our hands-on video below:

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