One of our favorite designers of Apple concepts, Martin Hajek, has put together this visual showing how a new iPad mini design might compare with the existing one if it were based on the design of the iPhone 6.

The existing design, top, has the familiar flat front and tapered, chamfered edge. The bottom one, Hajek’s concept, has the rounded edge now familiar from countless iPhone 6 renders, mockups and purported leaked parts


To provide a like-for-like comparison, Hajek has added Touch ID to both existing and rounded designs.

Based on rumours and images of the purported iPhone 6 all over the internet I decided to do a concept study of what an iPad mini would look like with this new, soft and round iPhone 6 design ‘language’ slapped all over it. The results? Looks soft! Especially if you put it next to an upgraded (with touch ID) current gen iPad mini.


It’s worth noting that Apple has no problem having quite different designs for iPhone and iPad, current generation iPhones having flat edges compared to the tampered sides of the iPad, so there’s nothing to suggest that Apple would see a need to adopt the iPhone 6 design language in its new iPads. But with the next-generation iPhones growing closer in size to the iPad mini, perhaps it should?

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