The mobile payment service Square is getting even smarter thanks to the automation service If This Then That. An entirely new set of possibilities for features that will benefit merchants and mobile payment customers has been unlocked thanks to Square integration with If This Then That, or IFTTT, through a dedicated Square channel on the popular automation service. At the time of launch, a total of 78 other channels supported by IFTTT can be connected to the mobile payment service’s channel and triggered by sales, refund, and settlement data from Square… These channels include automatically connecting Square data to email, push notifications on iPhone and iPad, push notifications on Android, spreadsheet data to Google Drive, phone calls via Google Voice, alerts via SMS text, and much more including alerts to Google Glass .

On a macro level, the Square and IFTTT integration allows merchants to put automation to work and manage a plethora of tasks automatically and reliably.

square ifttt screenshot

More specifically, popular recipes at launch include email notifications for payments over a specific threshold, a push notification to iOS or Android when a refund is submitted, a daily digest of payments received sent to email, a Sunday recap of all refunds made delivered to email, a log of all transactions added to a spreadsheet in Google Drive, and a phone call when a large refund was made.

The integration even allows for some quirkier automation like turning on and coloring a Philips Hue light bulb a specific color if a sale, refund, or settlement has been made.

Merchants can start automating tasks today from Square’s new IFTTT channel, and download Square and IFTTT for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

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