Apple is reportedly planning to include NFC in the iPhone 6 for secure wireless payments using chips sourced from a Dutch company called XNP, the Financial Times reported today. It’s not the first time this rumor has cropped up before an iPhone launch, but other recent reports seem to indicate that this year it might just be happening.

In fact, earlier this year Apple was said to have reached a deal with China UnionPay, the nation’s only domestic mobile payment processor, to include NFC support at countless retailers in the next iPhone. What’s perhaps even more interesting is that the technology may not be limited solely to the handset itself…

A patent uncovered by Patently Apple earlier today seems to indicate that Apple is considering a similar system that could be implemented in its wearable device as well. The technology in the patent is listed as a potential wireless charging system, but the same hardware is said to be able to work with NFC equipment. Others have also speculated recently that Apple’s upcoming wearable could support some type of wireless payment system.

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