Mirroring comments by Re/code last week, Digitimes adds some additional insight to the state of the iWatch production process. The report says that components of the mysterious device are ‘entering production’, but the unit as a whole is still at the engineer verification test stage. The EVT state still allows for late-in-the-cycle changes to design and functionality. Once the iWatch hits PVT (the production verification test stage), parts are finalised and its usually only a couple of months before the device can enter mass production and be released publicly.

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Therefore, Digitimes believes that the iWatch is unlikely to launch by the end of the year. The report states that the supply chain is “mainly waiting for Apple to place component orders”, suggesting we are not close to a launch. Digitimes goes on to say that it does not expect Apple to show off the iWatch during the September 9th event. However, this directly contradicts the Re/code report, which — frankly — is much more reliable on internal Apple matters.

Apple has scheduled its press event for September 9th at the Flint Center. Two new larger-screen iPhones are likely to be announced, with many also expecting an iWatch unveiling.

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