More developers are stepping forward with early looks at upcoming third-party keyboards for iOS 8. Today, Ginger Keyboard is going public with a keyboard that focuses on customization. The actual keyboard itself while used across iOS 8 does not add much new functionality, but many users will likely enjoy being able to completely customize the design of their keyboard.

Above a video of the keyboard in action.

While the keyboard extension itself across iOS does not add much functionality across the system, the keyboard is integrated with the Ginger app. The Ginger app, which can be quickly accessed via a key on the keyboard across the system, includes a spell checker as well as technology to find translations, synonyms, and definitions. Like the native Apple iOS keyboard, Ginger Keyboard includes a QuickType-like text prediction feature.

Here’s a closer look at the panel for building your own keyboard themes:

The developers tell us that a feature to use any photo of your choice as a keyboard theme is coming in the near-future. You can also share keyboards with other Ginger Keyboard users, which is neat. The app/keyboard will be free to download via the App Store approximately a week after iOS 8’s launch. iOS 8 launches later this month and includes features like HealthKit, HomeKit, Touch ID access for developers, and iCloud improvements in addition to the keyboard extension feature.

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