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While the 4.7-inch version of the upcoming iPhone 6 will seemingly function as a large version of the current iPhone interface, it appears that the larger model with a 5.5-inch display could run software in landscape mode with an iPad-like user interface (portrait views likely remain unchanged). Developer Steven Troughton-Smith altered the iOS simulator to run at 736 points x 414 points (1472 x 828 at 2x or 2208 x 1242 at 3x), the resolution we first reported was likely in the cards for at least one iPhone 6 model, and provided us with screenshots of the presented interface…

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As can be seen in the screenshots (above and below), this potential landscape interface for the 5.5-inch model presents a more productive workspace with dual-panes. For instance, you can now see an entire month view in the calendar along with a longer list of events. This also means that you can view individual contact cards alongside your full contacts list.


The effect is the same for Game Center as can be seen above.

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While the iPhone Simulator cannot run any other apps with the iPad-like interface on the iPhone, it’s possible that other iPhone apps may see some optimized interfaces for the 5.5-inch model.

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Apple built in the technologies for this interface with iOS 8 under the umbrella name of “Adaptive UI.” It is discussed in WWDC 2014 session number 216.

As of now, it appears that portrait view is the same as on the 4.7-inch iPhone and current iPhone. Of course, this could all just be a glitch in the iOS 8/Xcode 6 beta 7 Simulator, but it makes sense that the largest iPhone ever would get an optimized interface. Regardless, we’ll know Tuesday.

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