Update: Apple says all is good.

It was less than an hour ago that we told you about a newly-discovered bug within iOS that could potentially delete your iWork files. But now, according to a variety of internet reports, Apple’s month of misadventure continues as iCloud is currently experiencing an outage of some kind. Most notably, it seems as if many are being prompted over and over to enter their iCloud credentials within iOS. Apple has acknowledged the outage on its system status page:

2014-09-29 18_42_48-Apple - Support - System Status

It seems as if the outage is widespread and confined to some unknown specific subset of users. While some are reporting that the service is working perfectly fine (myself included), it appears as if all of iCloud across iOS, Mac, and iCloud.com are completely down for others.

Are you having any problems? Head down to the comments and let us know exactly which services seem to be working (or not)!


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