Update: We have received this unconfirmed message from a reader who attended the event, seemingly indicating a January launch for the Apple Watch — the earliest of Apple’s quoted ‘early 2015’ timeline.

At Colette, when we entered inside there was a guy from Apple who took our name, email and said to choose an apple watch model we’re interested in. After that he said that we’re gonna receive an email from them 2 weeks before the launch. Later he said that we’ll be receiving it in late December. So… the  Watch in early January

The mysterious invitation was indeed for the Apple Watch. Apple has already confirmed it will not be revealing any more information (via Engadget) about the product at this demo area, such as pricing or availability. The device is also — unsurprisingly — locked behind glass running the same UI video loop that was shown at Apple’s media event on September 9th.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.38.12

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For the public, the Apple Watch demo units are all shielded by their glass cases. Select members of press attending the ‘show’ can try on the Watch, albeit the screen is still just playing a mocked-up video of the user interface. Apple execs and celebrities are in attendance, such as Jony Ive and Marc Newson and members of the fashion industry like Sarah Andelman, Colette’s CEO and Vogue’s editor Anna Wintour.

A 9to5Mac reader caught a brief video of one of the display units, showing the Apple Watch Home Screen, embedded below.

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A huge gallery from 9to5mac reader Mihai Varzari is here

It’s still unclear why Apple chose Colette as its demo location, over any other high-fashion retailer. It was speculated that perhaps Colette would sell the Apple Watch in its store, but there has been no announcement (yet) of such a deal. Nevertheless, the event has proven popular, with avid customers forming a long line before the shop even opened.

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In summary, Apple did not announce any more specifics on the Apple Watch. The company still says the device will ship in early 2015, starting at $350.

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