The iPhone 5c is often criticised in light of its beefy powerful cousins, acting as a bit of a laughing stock for the technology industry. However, it is often reported as one of the top phones by sales volume in many countries (usually beating out Samsung’s offerings).

In fact, for August the iPhone 5c was the best selling smartphone in the UK, even outselling the iPhone 5s, according to Kantar World Panel.

The iPhone 5c was the best selling phone in Britain in August with 8.9% share, outselling the flagship iPhone 5s with 7.6% and the Samsung Galaxy S5 with 6.0%.

Normally, Apple phone sales drop in the runup to the next-generation devices, as customers hold off on iPhone purchases until the new versions are announced. However, Kantar says that the success of the iPhone 5c meant that Apple’s decline was much lower than in previous years.

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Apple dipped just 1.6 percentage points compared to July. Kantar speculates that buyers of the iPhone 5c do not care about the latest and greatest technology and are therefore willing to buy in to the market regardless of any new product rumors. Obviously, the 5c is unlikely to stay at the number one spot in light of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Kantar believes around four million customers in the UK are ready to upgrade to a new iPhone.

Apple sold 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models worldwide in the opening weekend. Apple will announce total iPhone sales for the July, August and September months at its earnings call on October 20th.

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