Swift WWDC Federighi

Apple drew a lot of attention earlier this year when it debuted its own blog dedicated to updating developers on Swift, its programming language for building Mac and iOS apps first introduced at WWDC in June. The blog has since been used to share updates on the state of Swift as well as technical details about the programming language, but today Apple posted an official video tutorial (embedded below) targeted for new Swift developers on using the language and Xcode to build an app for iOS from scratch.

The video is about 6 minutes long and features a step-by-step tutorial with a voiceover narrating how to build a sample photo filtering app using Xcode on the Mac. The video concludes with demonstrating a functioning app written in Swift in the iOS Simulator.

In addition to today’s video post on building an app from scratch with Swift, Apple also has Swift guide books available through the iBook Store since June.

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