A fix for a bug in Apple Pay that causes credit cards from Chase and others to not display the correct physical card design is being worked on, according to sources close to the situation.

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There have been a few hiccups for the launch of Apple Pay this week as the company works to quickly roll out support for additional banks and card types. In addition to some glitches causing users to be overcharged and many unsupported card types, a number of users have noticed that the physical card designs for some cards aren’t displayed correctly in the Passbook app when added to Apple Pay. Instead users are presented with a generic card design and the Citi-Apple-Payissuing bank’s company logo, which can be confusing for users with multiple cards from the same bank (pictured above).

Readers have reported the issue with cards not displaying correctly for Visa cards through both Chase and Citi as well as co-branded cards through several other banks. In some cases the cards don’t even have a description of the card type and only the card number to distinguish between cards from the same bank.

For users having issues adding cards from supported banks, yesterday we detailed that many card types, such as corporate cards, are still not supported through some of Apple’s initial launch partners.

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