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AT&T on Tuesday announced that it will be introducing a longer Next 24 monthly installment program on November 9th alongside its Next 12 and Next 18 plans for financing an iPhone or other smartphone. AT&T customers on Next 24 will pay $0 down and make 30 equal monthly payments between $10 to $50 depending on the device purchased.

The new Next 24 plan offers the flexibility of lower monthly payments required over a longer period of time. After making 24 of the required 30 monthly payments, a customer gains the option to upgrade his or her iPhone upon trading in the financed device in good condition and activating a new smartphone on a new service agreement.

“When customers choose AT&T Next with AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plans, they can also receive a monthly discount on the access charge for that smartphone line,” reads AT&T’s press release. “When adding an AT&T Next line to a Mobile Share Value plan, customers can save $25 per month on that smartphone line’s access charge for plans 10GB or higher or $15 per month on plans less than 10GB.”

The new AT&T Next plans are as follows:

  • Next 12: Divides cost of device into 20 monthly payments, upgrade eligibility after 12 months
  • Next 18: Divides cost of device into 24 monthly payments, upgrade eligibility after 18 months
  • Next 24: Divides cost of device into 30 monthly payments, upgrade eligibility after 24 months

AT&T Next 24 will be available to new and existing customers on November 9th.

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