Analysts attending the Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit in New York have suggested that Apple could eventually be valued at a trillion dollars.

Gains in shares of Apple Inc could take the world’s largest publicly traded company to a market capitalization of perhaps as high as $1 trillion, some of the country’s biggest investors said on Monday.

AAPL got two-thirds of the way there a few days ago, reaching $663B, since climbing further to $670B, and billionaire investor Carl Icahn suggested last month that the company should already be valued at a trillion dollars … 


Back in August, the stock reached triple-digits for the first time since the 7-to-1 stock-split. Apple’s record Q4 earnings saw it out-performing both its own guidance and the most bullish of analyst estimates.

As we recently noted, Apple’s revenue guidelines for this quarter would have the company earning more in three months than it earned in the whole of 2010.

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