In the latest instance of Apple reversing controversial app rejection decisions, Panic says it received the green light to resubmit a version of its Transmit app with the ability to send files to other services including iCloud Drive once again. The news comes after Apple requested Panic remove the feature from the app to prevent it being pulled from the App Store.

The situation is only the latest in which an app developer was required to remove a feature from an iOS 8 app already live on the App Store or risk it being removed entirely. Back in October, developer James Thompson hit a road block when Apple requested the calculator widget be removed from his popular PCalc app despite the app’s widget being featured by the App Store. Apple later reversed that decision following the publicity of the removal.

Other developers have faced similar issues implementing iOS 8 features into apps with the popular text workflow app Drafts having to remove its Today widget from Notification Center after first being approved by Apple.

Back in September, the popular widget app Launcher faced the same problem for building features made possible by iOS 8, making the App Store’s recent habit of approving, denying, and reversing decisions regarding useful features a bit of a meme for developers and users alike.


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