A few weeks ago, the popular note-taking app Drafts for iOS was updated at Apple’s request to remove its Notification Center widget, which the company said violated the rules for extensions. Now, it seems the tech giant has reversed its decision. Today’s 4.0.6 update to Drafts re-introduces the widget, which has gained additional functionality since the previous version.

The “new” and improved widget now the ability to show your recently saved notes. The app also gained a “new from selection” feature that allows you to create a document from selected text. Other fixes and updates have also been made to the app’s background refresh, UI, and more.

You can grab Drafts for $4.99 on the App Store. The change log is below:

What’s New in Version 4.0.6

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All the great new stuff from v4.0.5 (iCloud Drive and Print actions and more), plus:

– [New] Today widget. Now back with the addition of recent drafts. – [New] “New from selection” option in document creation options (tap and hold “+”). – [Fix] Hack to fix display issue in drafts list after showing a draft detail. – [New] URL action steps now have “URL encode tag output” option. – [Change] More improvements to background refresh and sync handling.

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