Apple has quietly given the front end of its jobs site a facelift adding new employee testimonials and updated product shots. The refreshed layout matches the style of other new pages throughout Apple’s site with the landing page carrying this message: “Do your life’s best work here. With the whole world watching.” Notably, the updated jobs site now includes product shots of the upcoming Apple Watch, specifically an aluminum sport model with a green band and the sensors showing, as well as student in class wearing now Apple-owned Beats by Dr Dre headphones…

In addition to the refreshed landing page, Apple has published updated pages for its Corporate, Retail, and Student Programs sites as well. The corporate jobs site features newly added shots of internal Apple testing facilities and several profiles of various corporate employees with different positions and diverse backgrounds. This includes Doug Beck, Apple’s VP of North America and Northeast Asia, whose profile notes is an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran.

The overhauled jobs site prominently carries the message of diversity as well as Apple recently pledged $50 million to various non-profit groups as it looks to recruit more women, minorities, and veterans. Apple CEO Tim Cook has made clear on many occasions that he is not satisfied with the company’s diversity report.

Apple Watch jobs site

The retail jobs site highlights various roles under three categories that include sales, customer support, and leadership opportunities. Newly updated videos accompany each category while specific roles are explained beneath The refreshed student programs site points students toward hiring events across multiple universities and highlights opportunities for students and graduations through internships, work-from-home college programs, and campus rep positions.

In addition to overhauling its jobs site with modern product shots and new employee testimonials, Apple today internally announced a new volunteer program for employees to encourage community service.

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