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Tim Cook visited the Palo Alto Apple Store today to check out the Apple Watch buzz, as people around the world attend try-on appointments and (failed to) pre-order Apple Watch online. In an interview with CNBC, Cook said that customer response has been extraordinary and “orders are great”.

The interviewer asks Cook what he wears day-to-day. Cook says he swaps out bands depending on the occasion but likes the Apple Watch stainless steel with the white rubber Sport band. Weirdly, Cook’s watch features a custom red crown that is usually only found on certain Apple Watch Edition models. Photo below …

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The red crown is normally reserved for specific Apple Watch Edition models, which color match the crown color with the watch band.

It’s unclear why Cook has this on the normal stainless steel model, although may hint at further customization options coming down the line. Before the release, there was some murmurs that Apple would offer engraving options although the company is yet to announce any such service. Another possibility (arguably more likely) is that Cook has some kind of internal testing Apple Watch unit that simply happened to feature a red crown and does not reflect public product plans.

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