Dropbox is rolling out a new version of its iPhone and iPad app today with a new features including commenting and mentions, a new ‘Recent’ files tab, and 1Password integration. Dropbox for iOS will also gain the ability to create Microsoft Office files including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents directly from the app soon.

The ‘Recent’ tab is found on the bottom left of the new app version and displays a list of files stored in Dropbox that you’ve last added or modified for quick access. The new tab is similar to the “Recently Changed’ activity view on the Dropbox menu bar app; the tab also resembles the Dropbox widget in Notification Center on iOS 8.

Dropbox for iOS also now supports commenting on files and mentioning other users. The collaboration feature first made its way to the web last week. Users can mention others by name or email address, and the app now includes notifications for new activity. 1Password users with the app installed will notice the ability to open the security vault from within the Dropbox sign-in view.

Dropbox explains the new Microsoft Office integration:

In the next few weeks we’ll be adding the ability to create Microsoft Office docs right from the Dropbox iPhone and iPad apps, so you won’t have to wait until you’re at your computer to start a project or write down notes. The Word, Excel, or Powerpoint file you create will be saved into whatever Dropbox folder you were in when you tapped ‘Create document,’ so you can access it on any of your other devices or on the web.

The integration of Microsoft Office with Dropbox on iOS now gives Apple’s iWork suite another challenger combining software with a cloud-based service.

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